The Final Four of the 2023 NBA Draft and top prospects' performances there

How top prospects performed on the way to the Final Four in the 2023 NBA Draft

NCAA tournament reaches Final Four, with zero projected lottery picks remaining.

Givony's updated top 100 of NBA draft prospects.

Miller showed potential as a playmaker wing with MVP honors.

Miller's injury contributed to Alabama's poor offensive performance in its Sweet 16 loss.

Miller's shooting splits against elite competition are alarming.

Miller's aggressiveness, pass timing and creativity off a live dribble showed his vision and playmaking ability.

Miller showed impressive defensive intensity even when not scoring.

Miller's shot-making prowess and 86% free throw percentage will determine his role as a half-court creator in the NBA.

Miller's season as a whole was a success, but the team that gets the No. 2 pick will decide who gets the call first on draft night..

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