The baggiest puddle pants on Hailey Bieber

Big pants and small tops are a fashion mix that never fails. For one, the trend has its own hashtag (#littleshirtbigpants) on TikTok, which has been seen more than 5.9 million times,

and for another, the artistic pairing makes for a summer look that supermodels love.

As an example? Hailey Bieber, a model who knows everything there is to know about the internet's favorite outfit combo,

wore a version of it to Revolve's annual party at Coachella yesterday. Bieber wore a cropped, fitted white tank with spaghetti straps that looked like they were from the 1990s

To make up for the lack of coverage on top, she wore super-saggy jeans that clung to her platform-booted feet and legs.

Hailey's bob was straight and smooth, and it was parted in the middle. Her makeup was mostly natural, except for her bright green nails.

Hailey Bieber's Y2K minidress looks like she's wearing her skirt as a top.

Hailey posted a slideshow of stylish photos of herself on Instagram with only a yellow heart and two cacti emojis as a description. This gave people a better look at her outfit.