The Astrologer's Prediction for the Most Jealous Zodiac Sign

You've experienced jealousy at least once over the past week, admit it. We all occasionally feel jealousy, which is a normal human emotion.

This could be because we're envious of someone's work or a partner's ex, or it could be because we're generally resentful of happily married couples. 

The truth is that some people are more jealous than others, even though it happens to the best of us. Possibly as a result?

the month and year of your birth. Discover the six most envious zodiac signs—from somewhat bitter to completely green with envy—by reading on.

Libra is the sign of collaboration. They cherish partnerships. When a romantically involved Libra sees a sexier or more "ideal" couple, their envy typically manifests, according to psychologists.


Watch out for a jealous Virgo. Virgos, who are ruled by the communicative planet Mercury, can be sarcastic when they're feeling envious.


Taurus enjoys indulging in the finer things in life, such as pricey candles, elegant dinners, and box seats at Broadway shows. 


Leos are friendly rivals, but if they think you're better than them, they'll be adamant about demonstrating their superiority.


Being a cardinal water sign, Cancer has the potential to express its emotions quite strongly. You'll be able to tell if a Cancer feels envious.


Scorpio has a well-deserved reputation for being the most jealous sign.