The Astrologers' Favorite Zodiac Sign is the Sensual

It's difficult to describe, but some people just seem more sensual than others. Perhaps the person you went on a date with made bedhead gestures at the table,

or perhaps one of your buddies can't leave the house without making flirtatious eye contact with the waiter. 

Astrology may be a factor if you've ever wondered why some people are more carnal than others. 

Discover the six sexiest zodiac signs—from the subtly enticing to the blatantly hedonistic—by reading on.

Although Virgos are known to be focused and analytical, they also have a strong sense of sensuality.


Pisces Pisces are constantly looking for a partner and desire to be in a stable relationship.


Although Libras are seen as being studious, they actually have a more complex personality.


Leo Leos are more than simply the rulers of the jungle. Also, they control the bedroom. Stewart explains, "Leo, one of the zodiac's most intensely emotional signs, isn't afraid of closeness or physical contact.


For good reason, Tauruses are ranked highly on this list. They want to thoroughly incorporate the ideal companion into their lives.


The carnality of Scorpios won't come as a surprise. Continually, Stewart "Exploring their sexuality is ideal for Scorpios because the sign of Scorpio rules everything related to sex, death, and the occult.