The 7 Zodiac Signs With the Worst Temper

Due to their ruling planet, Aries may have a temper and other fiery traits. "Ruled by Mars, the planet of War, they may also be prone to impulse-control issues," astrologer Janet Amid tells Bustle. However, Aries aren't always reactionary or hotheaded.


Taurus people have a reputation for being mellow and affable. They can, however, get angry at times. They are a "quiet" storm, claims Barretta. "Taurus will patiently wait things out, but if you push this sign too far, they will charge at you." similar to their emblem, the bull.


Amid says Gemini can have "extreme sides to their [personality]," including a surprising temper. You never know when they will erupt because they switch on a dime when angered," she says. They're cognitive but easily disruptive.


Leo gets upset unexpectedly. "Since they appear to be so kindly and benevolent most of the time, when their temper flares up, the recipient of that anger [can feel] harshly judged," Shumsky says. So Leo should try to curb this reactionary side and focus their energy more healthily.


Virgo's temper can flare up in a cold, calculating manner when they're angry. They are capable of "cutting people to the ground with their words and inflicting deep wounds with their criticism," according to Shumsky.


Scorpios are notoriously fiery, but their emotional expressions often surprise people. "Scorpios tend to show their temper in ways that are manipulative, passive aggressive, or underhanded," Shumsky says. "They might not show their temper but may act out by doing something  to undermine the person they are angry at.


Unbelievably, even the dreamy Pisces can get angry. According to Barretta, "most people think [they] are mystical, quiet, and soulful." They may, however, be among the warning signs that are most easily agitated.