The $60 million mansion Kim Kardashian flaunted had 4 fridges full of fresh produce.

Not everyone was impressed by KIM Kardashian's well-stocked kitchen in her $60 million Los Angeles mansion, despite the fact that she had displayed it.

The 42-year-old reality star received criticism after flaunting her four refrigerators in her sizable kitchen, which some fans criticized as being wasteful.

After receiving teasing for posing in front of her ostensibly empty fridge, Kim first gave fans a tour of her kitchen in 2020.

The mother of four began in her sizable, open-concept pantry in her Instagram Stories.

A refrigerator with a frozen yogurt maker was located in the pantry.

Kim proudly displayed her glass jars filled with various dried goods and toppings for her frozen yogurt as she declared, "I got rid of all my plastics."

She then displayed her second refrigerator, which was mostly empty save for a few glass bottles of water and which she claimed was only for drinks.

Kim proudly displayed her collection of Canada Dry soft drinks, boxed Flow water, Boxed Water Is Better cartons, and Norwegian Voss water bottles.

The Hulu star then entered a sizable kitchen with an industrial aesthetic and proclaimed, "This is the kitchen where it all happens."

She walked into a huge walk-in refrigerator filled with fresh produce, salad dressings, and other things.