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The 3 Zodiac Signs' Unreliable 2023 April 15 Horoscopes


On April 15, 2023, there will be rough horoscopes for three zodiac signs. Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces should get ready for a day marked by overly sensitive feelings and a propensity to react excessively or look for doom. 

Not that we will necessarily find doom, but we prepare for it at every turn for these three zodiac signs. The Moon will be in Pisces on April 15, 2023,

and while some of us won't experience much suffering during this transit, others may really get to display their "ugly" side.

We're looking at erratic moods, a drive to flee, hedonism, and aggressive behavior—mostly damaging to oneself. Because the Moon is in Pisces, which enhances intuition,

it may also make us more paranoid. What may initially appear to be introspection may instead develop into self-doubt and even a hint of self-hatred.

Nobody likes to feel this way, yet it is extremely human to occasionally doubt oneself to the point where we sense self-hatred. 

The only transit that, if we let it, will take us this far down is the Moon in Pisces.

1. Gemini

On Saturday, your inherent empathy may get the best of you. You can feel too much sympathy for folks who are struggling in your vicinity. 

2. Aquarius

The thing that will bother you the most on this day, April 15, 2023, is the sense that you are being left out of something and that your need to be accepted as "part of it" has caused you to feel silly.

3. Pisces

Pisces, today isn't really the best day of the year for you, and on April 15 a transit comes your way that amplifies your worst tendencies.