The 12 Zodiac Signs & Their Meanings

The Ram is a symbol for Aries. Fearlessness, aggression, spontaneity, and initiative are traits associated with the sign of Aries.


Taurus's mascot, the bull, symbolises the sign's bullheaded personality. Taureans are tenacious, self-assured, and have a distinct idea of what they want, just like the bull.


The Twins are the zodiac sign of Gemini. The twins stand for the dual nature of Gemini.


Crab is a symbol for cancer. Crabs serve as a symbol for those born under this zodiac sign because they have a tough, protective exterior and a soft, fragile interior.


The lion is the sign of Leo. A lion stands for strength, majesty, and power.


The Maiden represents Virgo in the zodiac. Maidens stand for Virgo's desire to assist and serve.


The Scales stand in for Libra. The scales are a sign for Libras who place a high priority on justice and balance.


The Scorpion is a symbol for Scorpio. The importance of this zodiac sign doesn't need much explanation.


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