The 10 Cat Breeds That Are Most Famous Worldwide

It's no surprise that the ragdoll leads the list as the most popular cat breed for the fourth year in a run given its long, silky coat and bright blue eyes.

 1. Ragdoll

The moniker "the gentle giant" for our largest breed, the Maine coon cat, is well-deserved, according to Keiger.

2. Maine Coon Cat

Despite having a parent breed that is the Persian, they are noticeably more common, probably because of their low-maintenance manes.

3. Exotic

The popular Persian is one of the most recognized breeds in the world thanks to its flat faces and long, flowing hair.

4. Persian

"Just looking at this whimsical-looking breed makes you grin. Because the Devon rex demands on being with its owners, you'll also never feel lonely.

5. Devon Rex

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The Brits are arriving! In actuality, they intend to remain. One of the most well-liked cat breeds in the globe is the British shorthair.

6. British Shorthair

One of our most intelligent breeds, the Abyssinian is bright, attentive, and very active, according to Keiger. "They want to be near their group and participate in the supervision of all activities.

7. Abyssinian

The magnificent Mayflower mouser, the American shorthair, is believed to have arrived in America during the illustrious journey,

8. American Shorthair

The Scottish fold cat, which has an apt moniker, is distinguished by its distinctive "folded" ears. When paired with its round eyes, this cat's expression is frequently compared to an owl's.

9. Scottish Fold

Sphynx, a low allergen cat breed distinguished by its bald bodies, completes the list of the most common cat breeds.

10. Sphynx

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