Taylor Swift turns around and plays surprise Midnight tunes again while on the Eras tour.

On the "Eras Tour," Taylor Swift will reverse course and permit herself to play unexpected tracks from "Midnights" again.

Originally, the pop superstar pledged to "never" perform the same song twice throughout her world tour,

but she's been having too much fun performing songs from her 2022 album.

Recently, while performing in Tampa, Florida, she made the following statement to the audience:

"When I started the tour, I declared, 'In the acoustic portion, I am never repeating a song. 

Songs are never performed more than once by me.Nevertheless, I'm now thinking, "Ugh, there are so many songs I want to perform more than once."

The singer of "Karma" said, "However, I'm making a little caveat to the rule, which is that if a song is on "Midnights,"

I can do it as many times as I want because "Midnights" is, like, the most accurate picture of my life to date."