Taylor Sheridan's "Ego" Killed "Yellowstone" Season 5: Report

According to the New York Post, Yellowstone season 5 will be the final season of the popular Paramount television program,

But production conflicts may be holding up the release of the second half of the season.

As rumors circulated that Kevin Costner, the show's star, had failed to commit to the Season 5 production schedule,

leading to significant delays, the series has been in the news. But according to reports, the ego of series creator Taylor Sheridan is to blame.

According to a production source, there is respect but sometimes friction between any showrunner and major celebrity.

In November 2022, the first episode of Season 5 debuted on Paramount. But because filming and production are still ongoing, the second half has been left hanging.

Sheridan, who also oversees the Yellowstone offshoots 1883 and 1923, is allegedly "overburdened" with duties.

Contrary to earlier accounts, a source told The Washington Post that there were no scripts ready for the second half of Season 5, and that Costner just showed up for a week to film it.

Taylor is overworked, and Kevin offered to help at the start of the year, but once more, nothing was prepared,

The insider claimed. Kevin has previously agreed to produce his other films. He had provided the directors with his timetable.