Tangela can be shiny in Pokemon GO, right? 

While Shiny Tangela can be found in Pokemon GO, it should be emphasised that, contrary to what many players believe, the Spotlight hour event does not actually make it more likely to find Shiny Pokemon.

 As a result, finding a Shiny Tangela during the event on Tuesday still requires some effort.If they wish to discover a Shiny Tangela in Pokemon GO, players must first keep an eye on the weather.

 Similar to the main series, a location's environment has a significant impact on what kinds of species can spawn there. Tangela is a pure Grass-type Pokémon, so players that hunt in sunny conditions will experience an increase in Tangela's spawn rate.

Players should think about using consumable things as the following consideration. For those in metropolitan areas who like to stay inactive while the event is taking place, the Lure Module is a very useful device.

. This is due to the fact that they function by raising the overall spawn rate close to the pokestop or gym where the player has attached them.

The Incense is another consumable item shiny hunters in Pokemon GO will want to stockpile. This item is very similar to the Lure Module, 

For devoted shiny hunters, using both of these items together can be a very beneficial tool. "Patrolling" is the act of setting up an area with lure modules and burning an incense while moving between these prepared lure spots.