Straight-Up Vulvas were applied to Christina Aguilera's nails.

Christina Aguilera had a small surprise tucked away in her manicure when she stopped by the wildly popular podcast Call Her Daddy. The musician had a matching set of nails and was there to talk about sexual wellness and embracing your sexuality.

Aguilera's manicure, which had a vulva theme and matched the bottle of her Playground Love Sesh lubricant perfectly, was created by celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt. The sexual wellness company's.

Cofounder and chief brand advisor is Aguilera. Ganzorigt created two open mouth decals on Aguilera's thumbs in addition to a pair of super long, bright pink stiletto press-on nails that were embellished.

With a variety of 3D vulvas in various sizes and brighter pink materials. On the podcast, the subject of the nails came up, and the host, Alex Cooper, questioned.

Aguilera about the specifics of her manicure. They're a lot of fun. The performer winked and said, "It's open to interpretation. The lips or the vagina could be the source of the sensation.

But they are both pleasure points, you know. She is correct, the vulvas could very well be lips, but it all depends on how you look at it. Aguilera, who has never been afraid to speak up.

And encourage others to express and celebrate themselves, is totally on brand with the cheeky manicure. (Hello, do you recall "Beautiful?" Also, "Dirty.