Sports React To Colin Kaepernick Announcement

Colin Kaepernick is helping LaShawn Thompson's family get closure since September 2022. 

Fulton County jailed Thompson, 35, died. His family believes the facility's horrible circumstances killed him.

He was "eaten alive" by bugs and insects in prison, according to Thompson family attorneys.

The initial autopsy didn't answer the Thompson family's questions. Thus, Kaepernick will pay for an impartial autopsy.  

Most sportspeople applaud Kaepernick for this. 

Ben Crump, a Thompson family representative, was all praise for Kaepernick. 

"We want to thank Colin Kaepernick for helping this family find the truth," Crump told CBS.

Kaepernick understands. Last year, his Know Your Rights Camp organization helped families get free supplemental autopsies.