Social media is promoting new weight loss drugs. Regulators watching?

The most effective weight loss spokesperson is Suzette Zuena herself.

Zuena has lost 30 pounds since becoming the "founder/visionary" of LH Spa & Rejuvenation in Livingston and Madison, New Jersey. His weight has dropped by 42 pounds.

Zuena described the pair's social schedule as "we go out a lot." "People essentially saw us shrinking.

" They would query the couple's methods. She responded by directing people to her spa and a recently developed class of medication called GLP-1 agonists,

which has become a household name in the weight loss industry.

She doesn't, however, limit herself to verbal communication. She's doing the same thing on Instagram.

She is not alone either. Many people are praising these drugs in unison. Investment bank Morgan Stanley discovered that TikTok mentions of one of these drugs had tripled over the previous summer.