Snapchat launches ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot for all users

In its most recent step in the frantic race among social media companies to adopt AI, Snapchat on Wednesday unveiled "My AI," an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT.

The function was initially released in February and was only available to subscribers of Snapchat+, but it is now open to all users.

"My AI," an AI-powered chatbot that enables users to learn about movies, sports, pets, and other topics, has been a hit with Snapchat+ subscribers.

According to a business announcement made on Wednesday, "My AI" will now be accessible to all Snapchat users across the globe along with additional capabilities.

Users can ask "My AI" to propose weekend activities for their family or the ideal lens for wishing a pal a happy birthday, according to a press release from Snap

To enhance "My AI's" security, utility, and enjoyable experience, Snapchat welcomes user feedback. 

By pressing and holding on any "My AI" response, users can let the Snap team know their opinions on the product.