Sleeping Positions and Relationships

Most couples sleep like this (5). Both partners sleep together. The first person facing the direction is the little spoon, while the outsider is the bigger spoon.

1. The Spoon

A looser spoon. They may sleep apart yet facing the same direction. This lets both sleepers move.

2. The Loose Spoon

The couple sleeps at an angle in the center of the bed, similar to the spoon. The runner appears to be chased.

3. The Chasing Spoon

Couples face each other and sleep close together. The couple usually interacts.

4. The Mirror

Couples sleep facing one other. They're apart.

5. The Face To Face Without Touching

The nuzzle is the cradle position. It protects. One partner sleeps on their back while the other rests their head on their chest. The individual resting flat usually has their arm around their spouse.

6. The Cradle

Both lovers on their backs hardly touching their fingers seem like paper dolls.

7. The Cliffhanger

Both partners are on opposite sides of the bed with a lot of space between them. This symbolizes a pair fight.

8. Paper Dolls