Serial killer zodiac signs

This mutable air sign gave birth to some of the most infamous serial killers, including Jeffrey Dahmer and David Berkowitz (the Son of Sam).


Pisces is a water sign recognised for having a very sympathetic nature.


Most people identify the sign of Virgo with very meticulous persons who may be little neurotic but are ultimately harmless.


Most people born under the mutable fire sign are known for their love of adventure and thrills.


For my part, I'm not shocked. It's quite clear what the underlying manifestation most likely is: a desire for complete dominance.


Leo, the king of the zodiac, comes next on the list. Despite Leo having fewer members, they have killed more people overall.


When Leo startled us, Saggie doesn't really surprise us either.


Humanitarian of the Zodiac is not exactly humane. No one knew. Strangely, racist (and disturbed) vigilantes have frequently been Labeled serial murders.


Who knew the aggressive nature of Libra? Their murders were much less messy than the others, as was to be expected.


Killers of cereal or serial killers? We all anticipated that the large teddy bear representing the sign of the zodiac would be the least excited.


Similarly to Aquarius, Cancer develops a vigilante complex, although many of the 34 serial killers. had a criminal history that included gambling, petty theft, violence, and other offences.


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