School shooter's details emerge as Nashville community grieves

Police are learning additional information about the 28-year-old shooter as the grieving Nashville community deals with the mass shooting that killed three 9-year-old children and three adults at a private Christian school.

Throughout the course of the incident, which took place at The Covenant School on Monday morning, the highly armed shooter killed six individuals before being fatally shot by responding police officers.

According to Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake, the shooter's parents, who have been identified as Audrey Hale,

informed authorities that they knew their daughter had purchased and sold one firearm and that they thought that was all there had been.

But according to Drake, Hale had legally purchased seven weapons that were kept hidden at home while receiving treatment for an emotional illness.

The attack on Monday utilised three of those weapons, including an AR-style rifle. Investigators have concluded that the attack was pre-planned after discovering that Hale had studied a second potential attack target in..

..Nashville and had comprehensive maps of the school and writings about the shooting. The shooter reportedly admitted to sending Hale's childhood buddy unsettling messages soon before the attack, the friend said.

According to a CNN report, the incident was the 19th shooting at a school or university that has resulted in at least one injury so far in 2023.

Moreover, it was the bloodiest US school shooting in almost a year, following the On Monday, when scared students and staff were escorted from The Covenant School to safety, word circulated of people who were missing:

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