Sandra Bullock’s daughter upset after seeing her boyfriend watch Netflix’s Squid Game

Any aspiring actress would be envious of Sandra Bullock's filmography. In addition to her acting career, the actress is well-known for her charitable work and vocal stances on a variety of social problems

She has also appeared in a wide range of films centered on or led by women. Therefore, it's probably fair to assume that the actress is a supporter of liberal causes.

However, the actress has now come to terms with the fact that she is not quite as progressive as she formerly believed.

Bullock learned her lesson when her daughter and her long-term partner Bryan Randall discussed Squid Game, the most popular show in the world on Netflix.

How Sandra Bullock's Daughter Made Her Realize Her Blindspots

Sandra Bullock adopted children Louis, now 11, and Laila, now 9, and they call her mom. The Gravity star discussed the differences between her perspective and that of her black children on a recent episode of Red Table Talk.

The actress related a story in which her daughter Laila became unhappy when she caught her long-term partner Bryan Randall watching the popular South Korean sitcom Squid Game on Netflix.