Samara Felippo vai pela primeira vez com a filha ao Lollapalooza

I believe we must exercise caution while maintaining a sense of security. 'I think I've figured out where I belong, where my friend belongs,' said the actress of her friendship with a 13-year-old girl.

She's driving me crazy. Today, she likes Lil Nas X, and she wants to see Pedro Sampaio. People came to learn about new music,

which I think is an interesting aspect of the festival ", as soon as she arrived at the event.

Samara did not hide her joy at being in this historic moment with Alicia — the actress is also the mother of Lara,

9-year-old daughter from her previous relationship with Leandrinho Barbosa.

Para mim, é muito especial, porque é o primeiro festival que venho com ela e estar curtindo essa vibe

poder estar junto com sua filha na adolescência, curtindo essas novas empreitadas é muito gostoso," she explained.

Samara also discussed how she talks about racism and representation with her daughters, who are white girls.

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