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Safety First With The Guide Of Your Zodiac Sign


Mars is transiting through Cancer carrying all sorts of triggers our way, reminding us of problems unsettled,

personal boundaries unlocked, and existential anxieties exposing themselves vividly. Luckily, with Jupiter in Aries and the Sun exalted,

we have an opportunity to perceive the issue for what it is and realize the course we need to go to set free from responsibilities of the past.

The major goal at this stage is to build a sense of safety and to provide ourselves the foundation where we are self-sufficient and ready to relieve

the tension that keeps our healthy movements and our inner child’s creativity constrained in any manner.

Habits and upbringing create the biggest contradiction of dread. Aggressive behavior and maltreatment can affect a person's mental health later in life, even in seemingly safe households.

Fear Serves

Mars' unconscious information makes healing difficult. Mars and Saturn speak of unconscious anxieties, trauma, generational concerns, and what is buried deep within the body, unlike Mercury and the Sun,

Wound Healing

Existential fear is about survival, not only money, food, and security. Sexuality is our unconscious urge for species, gene, and bloodline survival.

Existential Sexuality

Acknowledge your fundamental instincts and the life force we all carry to support them. When you take responsibility for yourself, it doesn't matter if you "seem insane" to others, are introverted or insecure, or disagree with what "must be done."

Easy Ways