Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis odds, undercard, preview, expert choices, Showtime Boxing

Fights like the one on Saturday between rising prospects Ryan Garcia and Gervonta "Tank" Davis are atypical in boxing's risk-averse sport.

To their credit, both men surmounted significant political impediments that often derail such contests in order to pursue the matter and force the fight to take place.

The two are set to meet off live on Showtime PPV on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Garcia's long reach and lightning-quick hands are pitted against Davis' incredible technical ability and deadly knockout power.

Taking on a tough opponent so early in their careers is a major risk for both guys, but it could pay off by raising their profiles.

He just talks about that one punch. I also only need one. As I place my hand on your jaw, I tell you that you will fall asleep.

Davis threatened to shatter your jaw during the last press conference. We've made it. Enough with the babbling.

I'm willing to put in the effort. Because I'm from Baltimore City, you'll be able to tell how we turn it on Saturday. I'll see you all later.

He'll surely be aware of my presence. I am who I say I am. That individual is me. I didn't come all this way simply to be here.