Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison of 'Yellowstone' Confirm Off-Screen Romance: 'Love You, Cowboy'

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison are quickly becoming one of the most popular new couples.

On Wednesday, the Yellowstone actors made their off-screen romance official on Instagram by posting a photo of themselves kissing in front of a large campfire.

with the flames rising high above their heads. Bingham shared the shot, which featured her and Harrison.

The actor and musician, who is 42 years old, captioned the photo with "More than a spark," naming Harrison in the process. Harrison was mentioned in the caption.

"Cowboy, I love you," she said. In the comments, Harrison, age 33, offered his response.

In the photo taken in the great outdoors, the two were seen dressed identically in blue jeans, camouflage coats, and rubber boots.

One of your followers remarked, "I'm hearing hearts break around the world, mine included," and then went on to say, "In all seriousness,

this makes my heart so happy, and I'm glad you found love again!" I can't contain my excitement till I hear the music that accompanies this!"