Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant embrace following the second game between the Clippers and Suns.

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, longtime colleagues with the Oklahoma City Thunder, shared some very memorable seasons. 

Westbrook was obviously saddened when Durant departed for the Golden State Warriors in 2016, but any genuine animosity that may

have remained when Durant left OKC has since been put to rest. "I think people still think like there's some beef or something,"

Westbrook said in a statement before the series started. There isn't any beef of any [kind], therefore I believe that's a fantastic media narrative for people to speak about.

Nevertheless, there isn't any beef. I have nothing but admiration for what he has accomplished in his career. There is absolutely no beef.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Durant, who stated, "I think Russ is competitive against any player he plays against.

It wasn't just me, in my opinion. I believe that a large portion of the spectators and fans found the action to be exciting and entertaining.

It's just another game to us players, like ordinary programming. Russ is that way, though. 

I've played with him and observed him for a very long time, and he was that way with everyone. Therefore, I anticipate nothing different.