Raquel Leviss Her & Tom Sandoval’s ‘Illicit Affair'

Raquel Leviss "Used" Peter Madrigal, according to him, to conceal their "Illicit Affair,"

Peter accuses Raquel Leviss of using him as a "pawn" to cover up her secret relationship with Tom Sandoval.

Peter was used as a scapegoat to cover up an illicit affair.

Peter is calling out Raquel and Tom for what they did behind his back.

Peter argued that if someone insults him, he is going to fight back, even if it means cutting people off on national TV.

Raquel is a manipulative person who kept everything secret, which Peter dislikes.

Peter feels strongly about Raquel's actions and should have been present at the reunion.

Peter would ask Raquel why she was hooking up with Sandoval and why she was banging Ariana's man.

Peter discusses alleged brawl at reunion, Schwartz's knowledge.

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