Ranking of the Funniest Zodiac Signs

Any sign can be funny, but Capricorns would rather maintain their composure than show their emotions (or laughter) to the world. In general, Capricorns can be hard to grasp, especially by those who are unfamiliar with their distinct, dry sense of humour.


The reason Aquarius is at the bottom of the list is not that they lack humour; rather, they would rather take pleasure in others' humour than create their own. Aquarians may initially isolate themselves from others, preferring to just joke about with close friends and family since they feel exposed when they do so with strangers.


Cancer is the queen of self-deprecating humour, which is fantastic for people who understand that they're not actually saying it but can be awkward for people who don't. Direct, to-the-point comedy, which can be an acquired taste for some but is a solid favourite for those who enjoy it, is another genre that appeals to cancers.


The low-key, unassuming nature of Taurus is well-known, and this extends to their sense of humour. To make sure that everyone hears their joke, they won't be the ones shouting it over the din of the audience. But they will be the one who says something hilariously scathing to the one who is closest to them, making them laugh aloud (often inappropriately).


Do you enjoy hearing a lengthy, amusing story? Pisces is prepared to assist! Pisces like telling stories, but they occasionally run the risk of losing their audience. You'll be the go-to storyteller at any group event if you constantly check in with others around you to make sure they haven't forgotten the last ten times you said, "so then I was like.


The Virgo zodiac sign is known as the Queen of Sarcasm, and people who are around them often question, "Wait, is that Aubrey Plaza? " due to their dry, self-deprecating sense of humour.


Even if Scorpios like lengthy, in-depth conversations, that doesn't mean they can't have some fun while doing it! Obviously, it's dark humour, but properly handled serious material may also be hilarious (see: Heathers).


Leos adore being the centre of attention, and being funny gives them the opportunity to do so. They are born entertainers. They are the friend that takes pleasure in making up absurd tales that are exaggerated for comedic purpose and doesn't mind taking on all the roles, including voice work.


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