Ranking 2023's luckiest zodiac signs.

With Jupiter looking down from above, a Sagittarian always seems to land on their feet. This is the year to throw caution to the wind and live your wildest dreams if you were born with a thirst for adventure and travel.


Blessed with the bounty of Venus—often regarded as the most auspicious planet for physical and marital happiness—Libras, one of the luckiest zodiac signs this year, are expected to avoid major challenges and emerge unscathed.


What a Leo lacks, they make up for by inventing their own. Nothing excites a Leo more than a challenge, and no planetary bad luck can keep them from achieving their goals through sheer tenacity.


Taureans' inner thirst for material pleasures and life's luxuries will be satisfied this year, as they are also ruled by Venus. Despite their bad luck in love, they will find themselves in the right place at the right time in their professional lives.


Despite a difficult start to the year, Pisces has a calm demeanour that can help them weather any storms and see the silver lining in grey clouds that threaten to rain on their parade.


Aries, the firecracker of the zodiac, is not one to let the planets conspire against them. With Jupiter smiling down on you, this is the year to take some big risks and chase after what lights your soul on fire.


2023 may be a mixed bag for this introspective sign, but their philosophical nature ensures that they will get through any rough patches by refusing to get caught up in the trials of the present and instead looking forward to a more hopeful future.


With a perfectionist personality, Virgo is unlikely to accept anything less than the best. Their tenacity will serve them well in refusing to give up hope when things do not appear to be going their way.


Gemini may be tempted to make a big splash at work as the sun shines down on them in the middle of the year. But you never know when your luck will change for the worse.


Unfortunately, despite your hard work and perseverance, luck is not on your side. The best you can do is take things in stride and remember that the planets have yet to send you anything you can't handle.


Luck may not be on your side this year, but that's okay because your emotional yet easily distrustful nature has taught you never to rely on others in the first place.


Throw your hands in the air if you could relate to The Rembrandts' line in the theme song to America's favourite sitcom, "It's like your life is always stuck in second gear."


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