Popularity Ranking of All 12 Zodiac Signs

Leo is a very outgoing and giving sign. The magnificent lion taking the top rank on this list comes as no surprise, of course. Leo, a sign ruled by the Sun, is a warm, amiable


Sagittarius enjoys being outdoors and active. The energetic archer is always on the go and is considered the zodiac's unofficial rock star.


Pisces people are known for their empathy and intuition, and they are constantly ready to lend a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to weep on.


They constantly seek out attention because they enjoy being the centre of it. Well known for being independent and straightforward,


Geminis are feisty and always on the go; they don't like to stay in one spot for an extended period of time.


Libra, symbolised by the scales, aspires to win over everyone they encounter.


People can easily feel at ease and relaxed around Aquarius because of their strong sense of identity and purpose.


Taurus people typically have a small group of friends. Even so, they enjoy spending time with such individuals and having a great time together.


Being the "mom friend" of the zodiac, the sign of Cancer is renowned for attracting admirers with their sympathetic, sensitive, and nurturing attitude.


Capricorns are more than happy to mingle with their existing pals and aren't very concerned about networking.


Even when it goes against what's popular or trendy, Virgos prefer to do things a certain way.


Scorpios are incredibly circumspect, perceptive, and have a propensity to observe a lot in individuals. They only confide in those they truly trust as a result.


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