Pokémon: Horizontes divulga tema da abertura japonesa com “fim” das aventuras de Ash

Following the episode, a trailer for the new anime, Pokémon: Horizontes, was released, which is also known as "Shin Pocket Monsters"

Pokémon 2023" in official Japanese propaganda. A global release was also sent out, announcing that the series will premiere simultaneously around the world.

The Japanese version was posted on YouTube, with a preview of the opening theme, taken from the international trailer,

Indicating that the opening outside of Japan will be different (as is customary):

The Japanese theme is called "Dokimeki Diary" (it's difficult to translate, but it's similar to "Diário da Emoço/Palpitaço"),

It will be performed by Asmi and Chinozo. The new anime now has its own official website in Japan.

The new series is directed by Saori Den, with creative direction by Daiki Tomiyasu. Despite Den's lack of directorial work, T

Tomiyasu is in charge of the series' direction from Sol to Lua. Dai Sato, a big name in the industry who has worked on shows like Cowboy Bebop and Ergo Proxy, is in charge of the schedule.

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