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People love Lisa Rinna's unique style (Exclusive)


The former star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn't afraid of a little bit of drama, especially if it's about her style.

Lisa Rinna has never been afraid to say what she thinks, and fans can see that same confidence in her recent fashion choices.

The 59-year-old former star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has started her life after Bravo not only with a bang but also with a new bedroom.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 59, has started her post-Bravo life with a bang and a new closet. She attended the Vivienne Westwood Fall/Winter 2023 show in a banged, bob wig.

which her fans compared to Stranger Things' Will Byers' bowl haircut and Shrek's Lord Farquad. However, Rinna's preferred style was controversial.

I enjoy causing discomfort. "I'm polarizing," says Rinna Beauty creator. That's me. That look was excellent because it flipped everyone out."

She says, "I like to make people feel something, and that made people either love it or hate it. And I love that so much."

New Plumping Oils from Lisa Rinna's Beauty Brand Are Here to Help You Get 'a Taste' of Her Lip Look (Exclusiv)

Rinna also runs Rinna Beauty. Larger Than Life Lip Plumping Oils, $24, and Dryp Tease Dry Oil Body Spray, $28, are its latest releases.