Packers-Jets Aaron Rodgers deal 'basically done' originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago.

A new story should confirm Packers president Mark Murphy's Friday night comments that Aaron Rodgers' Packers career is ended.

Rodgers spent the NFL summer considering his future. He went into "darkness retreat" to plan. He's never revealed his thoughts.

Rodgers appears to be leaving. The Hall of Fame quarterback went through the same cycle last summer, but he has $60 million guaranteed for 2023.

Jets may be NFL-ready. Last season, head coach Robert Saleh called his defense "championship-ready

"Very few players play for only one team," Murphy told local WBAY. "Brett did well here. Aaron was successful here

Murphy also trusted Jordan Love's organization. The Packers selected Love 26th in the 2020 NFL draft. Rodgers mentored him for years

"Yeah, we have a lot of confidence in him," Murphy said of Love. "We developed him. Coaches and Jordan deserve honor. We think he's ready."

Bears fans await these tales. Nearing completion. Rodgers' lengthy, successful terror of the Bears is ending. He's also closing in on an AFC team, the Bears' opponent.