Brush Stroke

Olivia Dunne's Instagram photo goes viral.


Gymnast Olivia Dunne of the LSU Tigers is undoubtedly a social media sensation.

The world-renowned gymnast has amassed millions of fans on social media.

Which has enabled her to rise to the position of highest-paid female college.

Athlete and most recognizable figure in all of women's sports. And this week.

A collaboration with a significant social media platform made that abundantly clear.

Olivia Dunne, who has 3.8 million Instagram followers, recently took part in an interview with the social media platform.

During the interview, Dunne discussed a variety of topics, including her career goals, her love of gymnastics.

Her academics, and her commitment to assisting women. Instagram posted several quotes from the interview.

Along with a straightforward image of the gymnastics star in a post from the official account.