Old Soul Zodiac Sign Rating

Aries frequently feels (and behaves) dysregulated because to their weak emotional regulation. They are easily offended, overly theatrical, irritable, and some even exhibit an apparent lack of empathy.

12. Aries

Leos act as though they are the main characters in their own story. Leos frequently wonder whether other people are actual sentient beings or just dull, uninteresting background characters.

11. Leo

Geminis have a reputation for behaving immature and contradictory. They enjoy drama and thrive on the ensuing mayhem. Gemini will most definitely stir the pot if given the chance.

10. Gemini

Taurus can exhibit some immature, unpleasant behavior because they have pride and ego to uphold.

9. Taurus

Scorpios have a charming and close-to-the-old-soul degree of assurance, tranquility, and dependability from the time they are young.

8. Scorpio

You'll be surprised by how Virgos behave. While they can manage to remain astonishingly composed under the most stressful and painful circumstances, they completely falter and then melt when even the smallest, most insignificant problem causes them discomfort.

7. Virgo

Cancers are strong, independent, and thoughtful individuals. They are free thinkers who value and seek to better their world.

6. Cancer

Because Capricorns have an innate sense that things will turn out for the best, they are able to unwind and enjoy their time on Earth. Capricorns are excellent at protecting the people they care about because of their high emotional quotient.

5. Capricorn

Pisces are mature individuals with a strong spiritual side, despite their propensity for being easily angered and crying at the drop of a hat. They accept themselves and are intrinsically aware of who they are.

4. Pisces

Some of the most dependable and trustworthy people on the globe are Aquarians. When they have made a promise, particularly in a professional context, they will go to great lengths to honor that promise.

3. Aquarius

According to their preconceptions of fairness and equality, Libras like to keep the world in order. They are experts in maintaining an objective viewpoint in any circumstance.

2. Libra

Wandering, listening, and learning are constant traits of Sagittarians. They have an ancient, almost unearthly, and wise presence. They are adaptable, perceptive, and kind. It seems intense and perhaps too intimate to be alone with them.

1. Sagittarius

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