'Not Thrilled' With Texas Rangers Debut, Jacob deGrom

deGrom is "Not thrilled" with the Texas Rangers' staff star debut. Despite having his worst Opening Day start in four attempts, the Texas Rangers offence helped Jacob deGrom rebound.

Texas's ARLINGTON – Jacob deGrom felt fine, on the one hand. By outscoring the Philadelphia Phillies by nine runs in the first inning on Thursday,

his new Texas Rangers teammates helped him recover from the worst Opening Day start of his career. The team defeated Philadelphia 11-7.

On the other hand, deGrom didn't arrive as anticipated on his first day of work.

DeGrom admitted, "I'm not thrilled with how I threw the ball." I failed to make proposals when I should have.

DeGrom had won money on Opening Day before the contest. From 2019 to 21, he started every game for the New York Mets.

He pitched 17 innings over the course of those three games, surrendering nine hits, zero runs, four walks, and 25

strikeouts. He was hit by.158 batting average and only allowed two extra base hits.

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