North West, 9, launches a new business empire, and Kim Kardashian is criticised for her "horrible" and "exploitative" parenting.

The U.S. Sun recently reported that Kim, 42, has been preparing North, 9, for a prosperous future by filing four new trademark applications on March 10, 2023, in her daughter's name.

"Non-medicated skin preparations, skin moisturisers, skin lotions, skin creams, and skin cleansers" are the subject of the first trademark application.

Along with these additional products, North's beauty line intends to grow to include "skin serums, facial oils, body oils, bath and shower gels,

Bubble bath, body powders, cosmetics, fragrances, and hair care preparations."A second trademark filed by the Hulu star lists "toy figures, doll accessories, dolls, drawing toys, infant toys,

mechanical action toys, play sets for action figures, soft sculpture toys, bath toys," among other items. The Hulu star also intends for North to create her own toy business empire.

include: "Children's educational toys for enhancing cognitive and fine motor skills, musical toys, playthings for cooking, baby gyms, playground balls, and sporting balls."

The third trademark of North promises advertising services, and the fourth describes "entertainment in the nature of providing information in the fields of entertainment and pop culture by means of a global computer network."

Similar trademarks for North were originally filed by Kim in 2019, but they also included a trademark for clothing at the time.

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