No Show Has a Mother-Daughter Understanding Like 'Single Drunk Female'

The bond between Samantha "Sam" Fink (Sofia Black-D'Elia) and her mother, Carol (Ally Sheedy), is wonderfully established in the first few minutes of Freeform's Single Drunk Female's pilot episode.

By this time in the pilot, we had already seen Sam attack her boss while intoxicated, receive a community service punishment,

and be sent to rehab. But as soon as Sam leaves rehab and gets in the car with her mother, the show really gets going.

Did you only discuss me the entire time? Carol asks her daughter with a smile. Sam says mockingly, "Yes, Mother.

All eyes are on you. However, basically. It takes less than a minute of screen time and three lines to create their mother-daughter relationship. 

But perhaps more significantly, it was during the filming of this sequence that Single Drunk Female author Simone Finch realized Sheedy and Black-D'Elia were ideal for their respective parts.

After filming the sequence, Finch reportedly said, "This is going to be it." Prior to the second season of the show's release,

she chatted with Obsessed of The Daily Beast on Zoom. "[Ally and Sofia] just really captured that moment."