Nick Bosa of the 49ers sent a visceral warning to the Cardinals GM if they drafted Kyler Murray.

Nick Bosa, a star defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers, has had an electrifying career thus far terrorizing opposing backfields.

 In the case of erstwhile Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim, it appears that he is equally ruthless off the field. 

The 33rd Team and The Herd report that prior to the 2019 NFL Draft, Bosa had some choice words for Keim if he chose to draft Kyler Murray ahead of him.

Keim ultimately drafted Kyler Murray, a decision he may not regret. Despite no longer being with the Cardinals,

Keim has drafted a fairly competent quarterback in his first NFL seasons. Murray has ample opportunity to demonstrate that Keim's decision to select

him was the correct one.Keim did lose out on a sure thing in Nick Bosa, to his regret. Bosa was chosen second overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, 

one spot after the Cardinals' quarterback. So far, he has been dominant for the 49ers, garnering him three trips to the Pro Bowl.

Keim resigned as general manager of the Arizona Cardinals following the conclusion of the previous season, leaving Murray and the roster he assembled to contend for themselves.