New 'Live' Co-Hosts Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Try Couple's Yoga

After Ryan Seacrest left last week, Kelly Ripa welcomed her husband Mark Consuelos as her new co-host.

Couples yoga helped Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos start their first week of employment together.

The married Live with Kelly and Mark co-hosts, both 52, hilariously nailed their private yoga segment on Wednesday's episode.

Consuelos initially refused to participate in couple's yoga when Ripa asked him to. After that,

the mother of three told him that she believed it would be a good way to become more "bendy."

I'm flexible, but I believe I could be more flexible, you get what I mean? Consuelous was asked, and she responded, "Yeah," before grinning at the audience.

The audience laughed as Ripa continued, "I'm flexible, but I'm not as flexible as I should be.