Netizens utilize more 'proof' to fuel romance speculation between BLACKPINK's Rosé and Kang Dong Won

According to the post, Rosé and Kang Dong Won are dating based on the fact that they have a number of commonalities,

such as attending the same events, sharing the same acquaintances, and wearing similar,

jewelry and apparel items, amongst other indicators gleaned from social media.

The message elicited a wide variety of responses from online users who engaged with it.

Many people were taken aback when they heard about the probable coupling because of the sixteen-year age gap between them; on the other side,

Others were infuriated and insisted that it was just fake news. Another individual asserted that a friend of theirs had personally,

seen the couple out on a date at a wine bar in the Cheongdam section of Gangnam a few months earlier.

A photo that appeared to show Rosé and Kang Dong Won together on Chinese social media gave rise to suspicions that the two celebrities are dating as well as charges that they were seen with drug paraphernalia.