Mötley Crüe Guitarist Mick Mars Rocks Bandmates With Lawsuit

In October, 71-year-old guitarist Mick Mars, born Robert Deal, retired from performing with Mötley Crüe due to a severe spinal illness.

According to the New York Times, Mars filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, 

accusing the other three band members of forcing him out and denying him future revenues.

Mars claims that Mötley Crüe's lead singer Vince Neil  drummer  Tommy Lee  and bassist-principal songwriter Nikki Sixx are still together

Mars announced in October that he "can no longer handle the rigors of the road" but "will continue as a member of the band" due to the sickness.

Soon after, the band called Mars "retired" and named John 5 his replacement.

Mars claims the band then insisted he sign an agreement dramatically lowering all subsequent touring and merchandise income 

Frid said the band tours and performs. Mötley Crüe performs live despite their 1980s platinum success.

Saints of Los Angeles (2008) was their last full-length album. Since then, they have released few singles, typically with guest artists.