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Most Nobel Prize Winners by Zodiac Sign? Except for Geminis, the Solution May Surprise You.


Have you ever pondered the question of which sign of the zodiac is the most intelligent? The majority of us are probably of the opinion that it must be the sign that we are.

But, it is impossible for all of us to be correct in our thinking, and up until today, it was unknown which zodiac sign was genuinely entitled to the bragging rights.

We now have a (relatively) definitive answer about which zodiac sign is the smartest, and it's one that could take you by surprise.

A new study analyzed the astrological profiles of 900 people who have been awarded the Nobel Prize and categorized them according to their sun sign.

Nevertheless, before we reveal the solutions, it is imperative that you have a fundamental understanding of a few key aspects of astrology and life.

To begin, it should go without saying that one does not have to have a Nobel Prize in order to be intellectual; it is an absurdly high bar.

Second, you are not limited by your zodiac sign in any way. You need to look at your entire chart if you want to get a complete understanding of how astrology affects you, as astrologer Annabel Gat reminds us.