Most envious' zodiac sign has raging feelings and is envious of "pretty much anything.

In Western astrology, Gemini is the least envious and Scorpio is the most envious.According to Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, each with a unique personality and set of qualities.

Some signals are slightly more envious than others.According to the personality type relationship app So Syncd, "Jupiter is infamously the most jealous zodiac sign.

Scorpios should be on the lookout because, in the words of astrologers, they can get envious of pretty much anything.

Because of this, it can be challenging to maintain a relationship with a Scorpio because they may feel threatened by their partner's friendships with people of the opposing sex.

Scorpio may even harbour feelings of envy towards their friends' success and yearn for their own instead.

Scorpio, however, will not control their envy. In fact, if it isn't controlled, it shows up in really powerful ways.

Their resentment may even manifest as "raging emotions," leading them to take drastic action. According to astrology, the "suspicious, cunning, and controlling" traits of Scorpio go hand in hand with their tendency towards jealousy.

Their relationships are frequently intense, but they refuse to treat them lightly; if their confidence is betrayed, they occasionally become "possessive.Scorpios are incredibly loving.

They require a "strong foundation of trust" for a good relationship, so those looking to date one should be careful not to let them get away with being overbearing.



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