Mike Tyson is struck in the face by Hasbulla, who then gets taken up.

Hasbulla  is only three feet, three inches tall due to having a kind of dwarfism, has become a global phenomenon on social media in recent years.

As a result, although being twenty years old, he has the height and voice of a young child.

On Instagram, he has over 7.4 million followers, and videos of him frequently go viral. 

He first impersonated Khabib Nurmagomedov, his idol, which of course went viral and led to the two of them becoming friends.

Despite the calibre of the guests, you can see Tyson and Hasbulla smiling and having fun, which is what it's all about and a big part of why the podcast is so successful.

They merely want to watch Tyson having fun and taking pleasure. With such a fascinating life that has been full of chaos,

life that has been full of chaos, controversy, as well as plenty of good moments and significant title wins, 

he is no stranger to having a good time. Never alter, there is only one Mike Tyson!

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