Michael Lockwood Is 'Ready, Able and Willing to Protect' Twins in Lisa Marie Trust Battle, Lawyer Says

In light of the family's distrust issues, Michael Lockwood, the ex-husband of Lisa Marie Presley,

is attempting to "protect" their twins Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love.

Judge Lynn Healey Scaduto considered Lockwood's request to represent the twins in a trust dispute involving Lisa Marie's will during a hearing on Thursday in Los Angeles.

According to his attorney, Scott Rahn, he is "ready, able, and willing to protect their interests."

Rahn responded that he and the other parties in the case were all on friendly terms...

...when Judge Scaduto inquired about the 61-year-old musician's prior contacts with them.

"Lockwood has a good, collegial, familial relationship with all of the parties involved," he declared.

He is morally and legally obligated to safeguard [the twins'] interests.