Mercury retrograde can benefit your star sign.

Before allowing yourself to be misunderstood by those in your social circle, take into account how you communicate your feelings to others. 


You'll be presented with a get-rich-quick scheme that seems alluring, but before you commit to participate in the scheme, double-check the contracts and make sure you understand the terms.


There are a lot of loose ends in your life that need to be tied up, so you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. 


No matter how far you try to escape the past, it always finds a way to catch up with you. It will be difficult, but possible, to heal old wounds. 


You're well renowned for being the captain of your close group of pals. But you won't be as accessible to them as you previously were over the next three weeks. 


You are waiting in line at work, but there are delays in getting the position you want. Before you give up on your career goals and your desire for a raise, talk to your supervisor about your possibilities or other positions that are now open.


Do you have a subject you've always wanted to research but haven't got the opportunity to? Fortunately, you can now enroll in a class that feeds your intellectual curiosity.


You could not be using your trusted intuition to its full potential right now, which causes you to question every choice you make. It's best to give anything some distance if a circumstance or relationship doesn't feel right as you process your feelings. 


Get ready for a trip down memory lane. You can anticipate speaking with a former partner, acquaintance, coworker, or someone who had an especially lasting impact on you when you were younger.


Make plans for the future and organize your affairs during this time. You might discover that your plans need to change as the times do when you're evaluating them.


A long-forgotten creative concept or passion endeavor is returning. Embrace the need to bring out your inner artist rather than fighting it.


Your home renovation and redecoration project could seem like a difficult endeavor. During the planetary backspin, you can make small adjustments that you won't regret.