Mega Millions jackpot rises to $476 million with no big winner: See Tuesday's figures.

On Tuesday night, Mega Millions had no bigger winner, increasing the prize.

Since Jan. 31, no one has won the $31 million Mega Millions jackpot. The lottery's jackpot is now $476 million, the largest since a winner took home $1.35 billion on Jan. 13.

A Mega Millions jackpot might change your life, but the odds are tiny. About one in 302 million.

If someone wins the next drawing on Friday, they must choose the annuity option to receive the projected $476 million over 29 years.

The popular lump payment option gives the winner $256 million before federal and state taxes.

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The Tuesday night winning numbers were 31 35 53 54 55, Mega Ball 24, and Megaplier 3X.