Lift Droopy Cheeks With Jessica Simpson's Favorite Non-Surgical "Facelift"

A new non-invasive lifting treatment is available to stop the sagging of cheeks and forehead caused by gravity.

It involves pumping up the muscles in the face, similar to building up muscles in arms and legs.

EmFace uses electrical stimulation and radio frequency to uplift facial muscles..

EmFace is a new technology that remodels facial skin by toning muscles, taking away wrinkles, and giving the face more life. Jessica Simpson was impressed with the results.

Dr. Katz has seen impressive results with EmFace treatment, which involves four sessions of patches applied to the cheeks and forehead, attached to the EmFace machine. Jessica Simpson showed herself with the patches removed.

A 20-minute treatment is done once a week, preferably for four consecutive weeks, to get top results.

Once applied, the patches deliver electrical and radio stimulation as they rapidly contract the facial skin and muscles.

EmFace increases muscle mass, restores lift, and stimulates collagen production, restoring lift and filling in wrinkles. It takes time to get used to, but results are noticeable.

Collagen-stimulating treatments take four weeks to notice positive effects, but can be seen after two or three treatments.

The cost is comparable to a facelift, which can range from $10,000-$100,000.

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