Kurt Russell and Everything About the 4 Children of Goldie Hawn

Learn more about the couple's boys Boston Russell, Oliver Hudson, and Wyatt Russell, as well as their daughter Kate Hudson.

The love and adoration that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's children have for their parents is the only thing cuter than their own love for one another.

The Russell-Hawn family never fails to show up and show up for one another, whether it is by supporting one another's business ventures,

The four children of Kurt and Goldie are Boston Russell, born to Kurt and his ex-wife Season Hubley, Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson, born to Goldie's previous marriage to Bill Hudson, and Wyatt Russell, the couple's youngest kid.

making public appearances, or posting nice internet tributes.

For her part, Kate doesn't think Kurt and her mother could possibly enhance their current relationship any further. "Pa enjoys his family and his home,

and Mum is vivacious and like a butterfly. But, their combined presence is so potent "She spoke to PEOPLE.

The Almost Famous star discussed mimicking her mother's parenting approach, particularly with relation to raising her kid, in PEOPLE's 2020 Beautiful Issue.

Kate told PEOPLE, "Mom was very available to being my greatest booster. "I just hope I give Rani that type of confidence," the speaker said.

"As a parent, you basically teach your kids how to properly raise their own kids. That is the domino effect, then "PEOPLE interviewed Goldie in March 2022. And we have a huge obligation as parents.

The children of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are covered in detail here. On September 7, 1976, Goldie gave birth to son Oliver with her ex-husband Bill Hudson.

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