Korean Rapper Lee Youngji Gets Brutally Slammed For Wearing Lord Ganesha Tee On My Alcohol Diary Show, Netizens Say: “I Feel Disrespected. Her Error"

After sporting a Lord Ganesha t-shirt on the most recent episode of her show My Alcohol Diary,

Korean musician Lee Youngji found herself in hot water online. For her most recent prank,

The 20-year-old rapper was charged with cultural insensitivity.

South Korean singer Ahn Yujin performed alongside rapper Lee Youngji.

Social media fans pardoned the latter because she was a guest on the program.

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Many people criticized rapper Lee Youngji on Twitter when she and Yujin from the K-Pop group.

IVE made fun of users on TikTok by exploiting images of Broadway performer and US actress Jennifer Lewis.